Our Process


Carefully and patiently selecting the best qualities of green coffee. How? Through travels, trips and expeditions to the mother- countries, verifying the characteristics, the properties and the conditions of our plantations, tasting owners’ main and best coffee.


We aim to share our business to those entrepreneurs who are interested in excellent quality products. Through meetings and physical experiences, we want them to choose commodities according to their desire and personal affection. Roasting house owners must be able to select their top blends, just to produce what satisfy them more.


Our coffee nature varies from country to country, from culture to personal predilection. The sweetness of our Brazilian coffee, such as Santos Ny 17/18 f cup, Santos Cerrado, Santos 17/18 fine cup is different from the one of the other Central American countries. From Guatemala, Costarica, Honduras Colombia spicy tastes, to Congo HTMN, Costa avorio, Cameroun African “robusta”. From the softness of south eastern Countries, such as Vietnam, India, Indonesia and China, to the Jamaincan and Ethiopic special beans and blends.


Trading and developing our products, blends, capsules, coffee beans throughout our personal e-commerce website, in which people could get to know us, our aims and proposals.


We are able to host coffee in our specialised and efficient warehouses, in which our customers could benefit from many different specific services. Cleaning, splitting and selecting, according to colour, weight and preferences, are just some of the activities that we offer. Moreover we organise exportations and cargos, shipments and logistic services all over the world, suggesting and treating what we consider the best insurance and freight rates.


Friendship, union, faithfulness and feelings are the main nouns that absorb our idea of society. First of all, our customers must be involved in our Family, in which they could feel free of sharing experiences, opinion and passions, as friends.


Our personal goal and motivation don’t only concern market, business and trading. We believe in social loyalty and commitment and we aim to help those little farmers and producers who dedicate their complete life to their activity. This one exactly reflects their passion and affection, even if it implies sacrifices and difficulties. We are actually proud to say that we managed to cooperate with Colombian and Togo little producers, making their activity develop, because we think that the best “trading” product is trusting people’s beliefs.

From Seed to Plantation

The coffee “bean” is actually the seed of a berry. The beans are picked, washed and dried. Then they are ready to be polished, cleaned and sorted. The coffee is transported in jute bags or woven poly bags and stored.
The magic of turning green, stone-like seeds into coffee happens during the roasting process. Roasting determines the flavour of the finished coffee. It’s a process by which we develop our personalised Omnicaf flavour profiles; recipes that are crafted to perfection over time by our experienced staff who take pride and pleasure in what they do.
Our importers provide tasting notes and we use that as a loose guide when creating our profiles. Sometimes, we find a new path. For example, we might decide to bring out a coffee’s chocolate notes instead of its citrusy flavour, just by roasting it a little darker. By experimenting with multiple small sample batches for each new single-origin coffee, we are able to determine which combination of time and temperature brings out the best flavours in a particular bean.
That's how we make our magic.

Roasting coffee for passion